Chris Chadwick


Huddersfield University, Computer games design graduate.

Previous title; Serious games artist at PIXELearning - serious games company

Competent 3D & 2D artist/texturer and graphical designer. Proactive in presenting or 'pitching' ideas and designs to prospective customers. Work with a wide range of media, including 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and Flash. Experienced when estimating the time required to complete the work using innovation to redefine a design brief within the constraints of cost and time.

Worked on many multi national projects with clients such as; Shell, KPMG, Comcast, Fifth Third Bank, hp invent, MEA-I, Skillsmart Retail, Global Lead, PWC and NACC (National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease).


Having worked with Chris on a recent project with very tight time scales, he demonstrated 100% commitment to achieving the project goals whilst maintaining a consistently highly standard.

He took over the role of another artist, and consequently had a tough time ahead of him. He had to quickly get up to speed on what needed to be done, what style was required, as well as any technical limitations that had to be considered.

Part of Chris' role was to edit work completed by another artist; he therefore had to adopt a similar style, so that the graphics he created seamlessly flowed within the game. Chris also created the introductory video which really set the tone of the game. He had to weave in a compelling story line and emotional engagement with stylised graphics, sound effects and a textual commentary. The concepts he delivered for the video were all excellent and it was tricky to choose between them.
Once a concept was selected Chris worked from a high level story board to really bring the story to life!

Working remotely is always a challenge and the ability to communicate effectively often without the use of visual aids is key. Chris has great listening skills, he clearly communicates and quickly understands requirements and is willing to work iteratively until the desired result is achieved. Chris is an exceptional graphical artist; and would be a benefit to any project.

Helen Routledge, 2009

“Working with Chris was a real pleasure; he was able to take a brief, and deliver it quickly and professionally on every occasion. When there were unspecified areas in the brief, Chris showed he was able to work across them and offer feedback and advice on direction.”

Andrew Crawshaw, 2009

"Chris or 'MonkeyMoo' as he likes to be called was a pleasure to employ
as artist on the web game bananageddon. His work was highly creative, with great imagination, his artwork and game ideas definitely helped it to the success it was, with over 1.5 million players in 12 months."

Rob James, 2009

“Chris worked for PIXELearning for a 12-month period as a placement student from Huddersfield University where he was studying for a BA degree in Computer Games Design. He adapted very quickly to a commercial environment and proved to be a very productive member of the team for his entire time with us. We entrusted Chris with the lead art role on several key client projects (including KPMG and Shell) and we were not disappointed. The 3D assets that Chris produced on these projects easily measured up to those created by artists with much more commercial experience.

I would strongly recommend Chris to any computer game, multimedia or digital/creative agency."

Kevin Corti, 2008